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'San Diego: military tourism put dollars in retailers' pockets - discount retailers' Discount Store News ...“Much of the valued $11 billion in manufacturing products produced in San Diego are directly related to federal defense spending contracts, according to ...
Randy "Duke" Cunningham Randy "Duke" Cunningham Accepted over $2 million in bribes from at least 3 different defense contractors while a member of the U.S. Congress. Currently serving an ...
Defense Contractors recruit at UCSD Job Fair Defense Contractors recruit at UCSD Job Fair The UCSD Triton Job and Internship Fair attracts employers who create technologies for the military. Students line-up at booths, resumés in hand, while ...
SAIC to care for NavySAIC to care for Navy's electronic sensor-equipped mine-hunting dolphins "SAN DIEGO, 9 Dec. 2009. The U.S. Navy's force of bottlenose dolphins, which use electronic sensors as well as their own biological echolocation ...
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